Marketing and Advertising

Nike is a well-known brand around the world that does a fantastic job with marketing and advertising their brand. Nike gets their name out into the world by sponsoring athletes, sports teams, and by advertising their sportswear to all types of people, whether they are an athlete or not. Recently, they became the first sportswear company to make a hijab so that Muslin athletes have comfortable apparel to workout in.

 Nike advertises their apparel to many people throughout the world. They successfully do this by sponsoring some of the most well-known athletes and sports teams in the world, so that their fans will see them wearing and using Nike gear, so they will want to buy Nike apparel also. Nike will have the athletes that they sponsor post advertisements on social media so that their fans can see what is new as well as the latest trends. Social media sites, such as Instagram and Facebook, are becoming more popular ways to advertise brands. Here is an example of Roger Federer, one of the greatest tennis players of all time, posting an advertisement for Nike on his Instagram.

Laced up and ready to take flight. #NikeCourt

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Another way that Nike successfully markets and advertises their brand is by having catchy slogans. Nike is well-known for their slogan “Just do it”, which is meant to motivate people and help them to prove themselves that they can do it. Nike’s mission is to “bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world. *If you have a body you are an athlete*”. Nike does not only make their brand available to one type of person, but they consider everyone an athlete, so anyone is able to buy their apparel. They recently came out with their line of hijabs, which will be available next year. They are the first athletic brand to make hijabs for Muslim athletes so that they are more comfortable and have sweat wicking material when they workout. Nike wants to inspire female athletes who face barriers in sport by creating the hijab: “The garment is designed to tackle performance problems associated with wearing a traditional hijab during sports, taking into account its weight, lack of breathability and the potential for it to shift during action” as stated by Nike on The Independent.

Nike does a fantastic job of marketing their brand to all different types of people from all around the world. They have motivating and catchy slogans that help to attract people to their brand and they sponsor many of the most well-known athletes, causing their fans to want to buy the same apparel that their role models wear.