Podcasting is on the rise due to its many advantages and its accessibility. By definition, podcasting is “a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.” Podcasting refers to the audio and sometimes video about a certain subject. There are many benefits of podcasting, such as the accessibility, automatic processes, from push medium to pull medium, no gatekeeper, and more specific content. The accessibility of podcasting is what makes it so popular. Podcasts are portable, making it easy for people to listen to on the go. People are able to listen to podcasts on their phone, Ipod, computer, and more. Once you subscribe to a podcast, new podcasts will automatically download to your device, making it accessible to listen to at your own convenience. According to Learning Times, these are the seven benefits of podcasting.

There are many different types of podcasts, ranging from culture and information to advice, discussion, and drama. Here is a list of some examples of podcasts to listen to in 2017, according to Buzzfeed. A podcast that I enjoy listening to in my free time is Pop Culture Happy Hour. In this podcast, the hosts discuss all things going on in pop culture. During the weekly podcast, the hosts each discuss something that makes them happy. I prefer this type of podcast, and recommend them to others, because the news on television is full of hate, so this is a nice way to hear about all the good going on in the world and brings good vibes to its listeners. Podcasts give listeners the option to listen to what they want to listen to based on the topics of the podcasts.

Making a podcast is almost as easy as listening to one! Here are the steps needed to take in order to make a podcast. The first step to making a podcast is to create an audio file on a good recording software. Once you record your podcast, you must upload it to an online service, such as YouTube or Soundcloud to name a couple. After you upload the podcast, you must distribute it to the web on a site like podomatic so that people can listen to what you have to say. Once it is distributed, anyone can listen to it, it is that easy. Below I have attached my very own podcast where I will talk about my study abroad experience in Barcelona, Spain for the Spring 2017 semester.